Many Western companies say it is becoming increasingly difficult to operate in China. But some of Wall Street’s top bosses attended a financial industry summit in Hong Kong last week, suggesting that they aren’t about to leave. Still, there was little talk about the challenge of doing business in China, and in a sign of the sensitivity, reporters weren’t even allowed in the room to ask questions. The summit won’t end the standoff between the world’s biggest economies.

Typically, standups allow each team member 2-5 minutes to discuss what they worked on yesterday or the previous week and what they will be working on today or that week. They can mention anything holding them up or anything they may need from the team and help give managers an idea of what everyone is working on. Standup meetings are especially useful for remote or hybrid teams because not everyone is in the office, casually discussing current projects. They’re also a great way to facilitate team building and see everyone face-to-face at least once a day or week. Try to keep these meetings succinct and not go into too much detail.

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But as more companies push employees to return to the office, those who aren’t back full time are seen as less serious or unambitious. Research even suggests it may produce a contagion effect on attendees in which their mood mirrors yours. how to run a effective remote meeting Start the meeting with energy, appreciation, and gratitude, especially during this stressful time. Doing so increases the chances of a more positive meeting mood state, which promotes more creativity, listening, and constructiveness.
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Noise cancelling apps like Krisp can help eliminate all background noise (from you as well as from other call attendees) in real-time, making your meetings much clearer. Google Calendar and are great calendar apps that can help you overcome this issue. You can use it to schedule meetings well ahead of time to keep everyone updated. Ensure you send out a copy of the recording not just to the employees who missed the meeting, but to everyone who attended the meeting as well.

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For example, do you need dial-in numbers, VoIP integration, or both? How about features like screen sharing or remote control? Some services offer teleconferencing with both dial-in numbers (local or toll-free) and VoIP calling, while others provide just one or the other. Video conferencing has quickly become an essential business tool, particularly given the rise of remote work. The products in this roundup all offer video calls via webcam, typically alongside several other features, such as text chat.
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Among the ways AI is being used to enhance meetings are automatic call summaries and transcription, noise cancellation, call scheduling, analytics and optimization, and facial recognition. Although most services charge by the number of users, others charge by the number of hosts. Generally, services priced per host are designed for webinar-type usage, where only a host can initiate a meeting (and meetings will typically have many attendees). On the other hand, services that are priced per user are usually intended for more peer-to-peer usage, where anyone can start a meeting. If you’re looking for a video conferencing solution that’s well-integrated with a business VoIP system, RingCentral is an excellent choice. Both functions are built into the same app, with an appealing user interface.

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Make sure to include relevant stakeholders in your decision-making process, both within your organization and without. With careful consideration, you’re sure to arrive at a solution that’s cost-effective, easy to use, and gives you the features you need. We’ve also tested each service’s prominent features, but it’s up to you to decide which ones you need most.

This will help you have productive discussions with your team, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Team meetings are a core part of the workday in nearly every industry. They provide employees with a shared space to bounce around ideas and form stronger team bonds. So let’s dive right into how you can run successful and engaging remote meetings by trying out these best practices, sequentially. Contemporary video conferencing systems offer a cornucopia of new capabilities that their predecessors never possessed.
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Concise subject lineStart off the invitation with a subject line and make sure to keep it short, simple, and easy to understand. Also, it should have the date, meeting name, and a clue about the type of invite you are sending. Whether it’s a quick call, collaboration session, client-related meeting, or for some other reason, all discussions have the intended purpose of serving crucial organizational needs.
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We decided to use this solution due to its proven performance and quality, as well as being able to handle up to 100 participants. Organizing quick meetings with executives or businesses from outside have also been trouble-free. We were especially satisfied with the reasonable cost achieved through the ‘non-face-to-face service voucher’ national project. To many, the rise of remote working signaled a possibility that things were changing.

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