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Our story

moneyIN platform paves the way to a cashless society.

moneyIN is the cornerstone of the digital transformation within Morocco mobility ecosystem, pioneering a seamless consumer experience for millions of people across North Africa. At the forefront of the Fintech revolution, every initiative enhances the way the nation works, lives and plays.

moneyIN is focused on digital transformation of Morocco progress towards a cashless society. What began with commuter convenience has grown to become a Fintech solution that is no longer bound to highways, but is now a facet of the lives of more than half the country.

Built on the tenet of increasing financial inclusion across Morocco, moneyIN has sought to redefine the role of Fintech within our lives nationwide. With every product launch, the group brings its goal of a unified, seamless consumer experience closer to reality.         


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Let your customers pay wherever and however they prefer. Work with one provider to accept, process, and settle payments.

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Bank 2 Wallet | Card 2 Wallet | Wallet 2 Wallet

Latest Technology

QR Code (Payment) | NFT Payment | Tap & Pay | Smart Devices (Watches) | SMS Payment | Biometric Security

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moneyIN allows you to conveniently pay anything, anyone, anywhere within one application. Send and Receive money Instantly

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Our Team

Arif Esa

Chief Executive Officer

Vineet Pawaria

Chief Executive Officer

Nasser Bouazza

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Paddison


Chaymae Moussaoui

Development & Communication Director